Here’s One

These things happened. This is where I share them.

You’ve shown me nothing

Dreams Do Come True: Part 2

Dreams do come true

The state of my mind on Mardi Gras during a snow storm

Internet Airball #1: “I’m Your Content Calendar for Your Online Coaching Business, and I’m Going on Strike”

Internet Airballs

It’s National Power Rangers Day so here’s a story about my 25+ year grudge with McDonald’s and my hometown all because of Tommy.

This Week on Typical Jenn

Oh my god oh my god oh my god the girl who stole my sunglasses 20 years ago is out of prison

Drunk Things: Vol. 1

Reading Jogs My Memory So Here’s My Pants Stain Story

How to Turn $120 into $10,020

Did I Dream That or Did I Do That?

Funerals Bring Out The Kid in Me

The Typical Jenn Experiment

This Month I Said..

The Emperor’s New Sweater

Stereotypical Jenn

Will Breakdance for Likes

Apparently, Not Everyone Likes Butt Jokes

I Get Paid a Whole $10 For This

Always Finding The Funny

The Best Part About Picture Day is Nothing

Why My Blog is Called “Typical Jenn” and Not “Everything is Coming Up Millhouse for Jenn” –

And For My Next Trick, I Will Make All of My New Year’s Resolutions Come True



Driving Etiquette

Another Year, Another Blown 31 Days of Halloween

A Funeral Story

Are All Insane Asylum’s That Were Built in the 1800s Haunted?

A Ghost Story

All Ghost Tours Are Not Created Equal


Little Miss Insecure Sunshine

An Open Letter To Ted Cruz

I Know a Queen When I See One

The Correlation Between Zombies and the Weather

How 50 Shades of Grey Almost Ruined Porn For Me

The Affliction Known As Diet: Week 1

The Affliction Known As Diet

The Girl Who Cried Hubcap

I’m Your Therapist

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