Hi, I’m Jenn. Like you (unless you don’t like to admit it) I say and do stupid things all the time; some things I try to avoid, some situations just happen to find me, and some things I’m fortunate enough to be a mere spectator. So I’m going to write about these things. If you get offended, it’s because you do these things. Don’t get mad. Just have a good laugh, OK? Cool.

I don’t have any Frequently Asked Questions yet so I’ll list my one that you probably weren’t even wondering about:

What’s Banned From Mars?

I recently watched a short documentary on the Mars One Mission – Overview: the mission consists of sending 100 people to Mars to see if we are able to sustain human life there. When I read the characteristics one had to possess in order to be considered for the mission I laughed, primarily because you basically can’t be a dick and, let’s face it, people are kind of assholes these days. A lot of what I write and the stories I will soon be posting are the opposite of what the Mars One Mission scientists want to see so I figured Banned From Mars would be a great name for this category. I hope you enjoy!

What’s TV Time with Typical Jenn?

I like TV and I like to write about what I see on TV. None of it’s educational. Enjoy!

Want me to write about something? Shoot me an email! jenn@typicaljenn.com

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