YouTube Channel: Top5s

About a year ago I took a boring day at work and turned it entertaining by searching for the best videos of ghost sightings I could find. That search led me to the YouTube Channel, Top5s, which led me to binge-watch the channel all day. The owner of the channel (whose name I don’t know but when you watch some of the videos you’ll know why) posts videos every week and if he does what he did last October you’re going to love the posts he has coming up. The topics of his videos range from ghosts to stories of possession to UFO sightings to time travel, even theories on what lies outside the observable universe. Additionally, every so often he’ll put together a documentary on a random topic – they’re pretty short but full of information. It’s incredibly hard not to get hooked on his channel. He also has a website where you can read top 5s not featured on the YouTube channel as well as submit stories of your own. I watch this channel weekly and have included links to some of my favorite videos as well as the link to his website. Enjoy!

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5 Extremely Creepy Cases of Demonic Possession

5 Creepiest Paranormal Photographs Ever Taken

5 Extremely Cursed Dolls

The Real Men in Black – Documentary