Watch This, Not That | Kevin Can F**k Himself vs The Crew

I love a good underdog story. Did you know that right before she landed Schitt’s Creek, Annie Murphy was broke and on the verge of giving up acting? We almost didn’t have this national treasure, which means we almost didn’t get to watch her in this incredible new show Kevin Can F**k Himself.

Holy shit, this show is amazing. Kevin Can F**k Himself plays on the corny CBS-type sitcom (i.e. husband and wife where the husband’s “jokes” are followed by a laugh track to drown out the sound of the channel changing) and adds a dark twist of reality to it.

Annie plays Allison, a dutiful housewife married to a chauvinistic prick in the sitcom world, living in darkness and married to a chauvinistic prick in her real life.


Immediately we see that she’s done with his shit, his dad’s shit, and the neighbor’s shit. And, immediately, women everywhere feel seen.

Anyway, after Allison discovers that her dream of owning a home is going to have to remain a dream thanks to Kevin blowing all of their savings, she decides there’s only one thing she can do: kill him.


Will she? I don’t know but he’s got it coming. Let’s find out together.

Join the rest of us dealing with our own sitcom-Kevin and tune in to Kevin Can F**k Himself every Sunday on AMC at 8 p.m. central time.

Speaking of “sitcom-Kevins”, my Not That pick features a Kevin that I’m sure Kevin Can F**k Himself is mocking. I’m talking about Kevin James and the Not That I’m referring to is his

The first episode was all over the place.

We’re introduced to the shit driver, then there’s a party for the owner. One crew member is talking about squirrel sausage while another talks about fighting with his wife about bed shams.

Then the owner retires and makes his twenty-something-year-old daughter the new owner (duh) and then I’m assuming that’s when hilarity was supposed to ensue.

It never did.

In fact, the entire dialog between the actors sounds like they were just winging it.

It was like Kevin James had to fulfill his contract obligations so Netflix gave him a set, some actors, and a production team, and yelled “Go!”.

The outcome? Another unfunny Kevin.

Don’t be a Kevin. Get in on something funny, original, and fucking brilliant. Watch Kevin Can F**k Himself.

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