Review: The World’s Worst Assistant | Sona Movsesian

Every time I recommend a show to my friends, the question I usually get back is “how do you have time to watch so much TV?” They’re a rather ungrateful bunch. All I’m trying to do is expose them to some great entertainment and they respond by implying that TV is all I do. I wish. 

I actually work a real job, which is also when I happen to watch all of these shows. But I can’t always watch what I want because sometimes I have to pay attention. It’s a lot of sacrifices, my job. 

I don’t know a lot of people with my work ethic, but I now know of at least one. Her name is Sona Movsesian and as the executive assistant for Conan O’Brien, she’s written a book that will give insight into how our minds work as well as advice on how to make it happen for yourself.

The World’s Worst Assistant is a hilarious memoir filled with stories that detail the evolution of her work ethic and how she’s managed to work her dream job without sacrificing her happiness or well-being. 

Don’t let her 58-episode Friends binging championship fool you. She’s actually an integral part of Conan O’Brien’s team and has been for the last 13 years. From inspiring bits to filling in on-air when a guest had to cancel to equipping herself with every bit of Conan’s personal credit card and banking info, Sona has made herself a necessary part of the team while still getting in her work naps and snacks. A more capable George Costanza if you will.

We should all be so lucky to work for someone like Conan O’Brien, but we should also be so lucky to have the confidence and self-love that Sona has that’s allowed her to find her place in an industry she loves (as well as one that’s notoriously misogynist) and a job that suits her perfectly. 

For some laughs, inspiration on how to make your work life and home life indistinguishable, and just an overall good book, read The World’s Worst Assistant by Sona Movsesian.

Photo credit: Dutton Books (IG: @duttonbooks)