Is your refrigerator running?

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Refrigerator running…its mouth.

You know the old adage, “Love hurts?” I’m okay with the heart getting hurt. When some girl cold bloodedly tells you that she has been dating someone else for a little while at the same time and she likes him better. Or when you ask a girl to go steady with a big huge cut out heart because she asked you to a dance, and she says no, making the upcoming dance with her Suuuper awkward.

When it comes to romantic comedies though, why does it seem like the refrigerator is always running? Because it seems like someone is always trying to catch it. Every time you turn around someone is chasing someone. Whether it is a girl chasing a guy to the airport, a guy chasing a girl to a baseball game, or a crowd of girls in wedding dresses chasing a guy down the street…

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How 50 Shades of Grey Almost Ruined Porn For Me

You probably haven't noticed that recently I started my Typical Jenn Unofficial Book Club. It's unofficial because I don't know what makes a book club official, and it's probably best because I don't always share the opinions of my fellow book lovers. You won't find me discussing books about a terminally ill character finding love … Continue reading How 50 Shades of Grey Almost Ruined Porn For Me