Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by: Jenny Lawson

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to discover the writings of Jenny Lawson. After spending a few weeks reading everything I could on her website I finally picked up her book and couldn’t put it down. What I love most about her writing is it feels less like you’re reading her story and more like you’re having an actual conversation with her. And anyone who deals with having social anxiety can absolutely relate to her.  I promise you’ll love this book. Read it!


I Can’t Make This Up by: Kevin Hart

33347428._UY400_SS400_I’ll admit, I only recently became a fan of Kevin Hart. It began with some of his movies, and then I saw a couple of his stand up specials and let me tell you, they were laugh out loud funny. The timing of the release of his book couldn’t have been more perfect. Now, I’m a sucker for autobiographies/biographies of comedians but they’re not all good. This one, though, is great! If you appreciate his comedy you’ll appreciate his book. Even if you’re not a fan, just read it, OK?

Bitter Is The New Black by: Jen Lancaster


If ever there was a story I could relate to this is it. Now, I wasn’t a sales professional pulling in 6-figures a year like Jen Lancaster, but I did grow up kind of poor so the salary I was bringing in was enough to visibly expand my head 337 times its normal size. I did, like Jen Lancaster, nearly go broke and lose everything. Harsh lessons often translate into great stories, especially when the aftermath leaves you with a great sense of humor about your situation and yourself. Her retelling of her story is hilariously honest and this book quickly made me a fan of her writing. I highly recommend this book to anyone who was once a egotistical, self-aggrandizing, narcissist that eventually learned the hard way – like me (and Jen Lancaster).

Photo from: penguinrandomhouse.com