Hilarity Ensues by : Tucker Max


image1On Sunday I begin Typical Jenn’s 31 Days of Halloween, but before I do I wanted to post what I’m currently reading. I’m almost finished with it but so far, I’ve enjoyed it. Tucker Max is an asshole, or was back in the day, but this book is genuinely funny. It’s definitely not for everybody, though. Hi sense of humor isn’t for everyone and some of what he says may be offensive to others. Fortunately I am not one of the others and if you’re not either and want a good laugh at some unbelievable stories, this is your book. I wish I would’ve read his first book I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell before I read this one but I’ll get to it after Halloween, because from here until November 1st it’s all about the horror!

6 thoughts on “Hilarity Ensues by : Tucker Max”

  1. I remember reading Tucker Max’s website back in the day, when I was a teenager, and I thought it was hilarious. I read “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” and then decided I didn’t want to read “Hilarity Ensues.” I grew to like him less and less as I got older and I noticed misogynistic tones to more and more of his stories and one or two of his accounts bordered on rape. I’m aware that he greatly embellishes his stories for the amusement factor, but they still rubbed me the wrong way.

    I haven’t kept up on his work since then. Hopefully, he’s grown up now that he’s… what, he would be in his forties, by now?


    1. I’m not too sure how old he is but he’s married and has kids now so he doesn’t write like that anymore. He actually owns a company called Book In a Box where you can self-publish your work. They have some pretty good authors too

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      1. Glad to hear it. I know that most of his stories were from his twenties, so while I still side-eye his books, I try not to hold too much against him as a person. Who wasn’t a douche in their twenties, right?


      2. I’m twenty-nine right now and honestly, I think my thirties, I think that’s kind of where I’ll want to stay. I look back on things I said and did even only a few years ago and it’s like, “Seriously, me? WTF?” Forties was when my parents started complaining about getting old, which terrifies me. I don’t want to be one of those people that’s, like, forty-two and acts like my life is over, but looking at how my parents were it seems inevitable. :-/

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