Scrappy Little Nobody by: Anna Kendrick

I’ll admit, I haven’t watched very many of Anna Kendrick’s movies. In fact I can probably only name about four movies she’s been in. In all honesty it was her Twitter account that made me want to read her book. If she’s that funny on Twitter her book has to be just as hilarious and readers, it is. While she talks about how she got her start and many facets of her career it’s her honesty about who she is that I loved because basically she’s like all of us. You’re not alone, Anna, I’m an adult-child too! It’s nice when people admit they’re still trying to get their shit together, aren’t we all? I am, and Anna Kendrick’s book made me feel better about it. I highly suggest this read.


5 thoughts on “Scrappy Little Nobody by: Anna Kendrick”

  1. I like Kendrick too, and enjoy hearing her reality as filtered through her brain. Her sense of humour is great! WTF podcast I believe had a good interview with her. The book is right up there with Amy’s, Tina’s, and Sarah’s (Silverman not Palin).

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  2. I love Anna Kendrick. She is my favorite actress. All those other phony baloney actresses that are good on screen (debatable) but horrible people and not funny in real life, but she is the genuine article. She is funny and small, and adorable. I have just been dying to read this book and will as soon as I get a chance.


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